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Your Rights under LIHEAP

Your Rights under the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program:

You have the right of appeal if:
• Your application was not processed in a timely fashion (approximately 30 days after you submit all your information to the agency);

• you disagree with the outcome of your application.

Appeal Process
The first step in the appeal process is an informal conference at a local agency. You may request an informal conference by contacting DMCOC.

The informal conference will be held by a designated hearing officer at DMCOC. The purpose of the informal conference is to ensure that the applicant understands the outcome of the application and/or the reason for delay.

If you have completed the informal conference and still are not satisfied with the decision, you may request a state review. DMCOC will advise you on how to request a state review, the second step in the process.

The state office will review your case and advise both you and DMCOC of the decision.

If you are still unsatisfied after the state review, you may request a formal hearing by a state appeals officer. During this hearing you have the right to:
• be represented or bring to the conference a representative of your choice;

• present oral and written statements and other evidence;

cross examine witnesses; and/or

• bring an interpreter, if needed

This testimony will be recorded and a written decision will be based on the record.

These are YOUR RIGHTS. If you do not understand them, please ask to have them explained. For more information call 1-877-411-9276; TDD, 800-785-6055. To report suspected Energy Assistance fraud or abuse, call toll free: 866-814-1113.